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Our approach to each project is a 4 fold process that finally intends to render our best to each client. Fuelled with the quest for achieving the best design, that is earnestly professional, driven by sustainability, in the most cost effective manner.

We strive to accomplish best design by a process of reinvention, innovation and critical analysis of our work at each level. We at BLPS Consultant Pvt. Limited believe that, more than just a conceptual exercise, design is a pragmatic process, and therefore, requires simultaneous churning out of ideas that actually work in the real world rather than only on paper. A great deal of our professionalism comes from our internal quality assurance checks. We deliver what we are sure of, and errors of any kind and not acceptable. Be it documentation or drawing deliverables, everything is prepared much before schedule to avoid any delay and last minute hassles. Sustainability at BLPS Consultant Pvt Ltd. Limited is not just a layer of design. It is treated as the very basis of every project. We aim to tap the maximum value out of the investment going into each project, beit the money, the resources or the energy and effort. Our holistic approach to each project, the in-depth market evaluations and studies, and working over-time to find the right people for the right jobs leads us to saving construction cost and thus our clients valuable money

205-07 Mayur Plaza Commercial Complex Mayur Vihar Phase 1 Extension.
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